GPT now in Gmail™
Never struggle to write an email again
Use AI to generate clear, on target emails in seconds without having to think.

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Hiwriter brings the awesome power of GPT-3.5 to Gmail™. You can now write appropriate emails and replies in seconds, without taxing your brain cells and hiking your blood pressure.

Hiwriter GPT for Gmail™ is free and easy.

Send the perfect email from anywhere, using your mobile phone or PC.

Simply select an email topic, add some details and select the style and tone of the email. Hit generate and ta-da, your email’s ready! You can send it as is, edit it to your liking or translate it to another language. Or, you can hit regenerate to get another variation of the email.

Some of our great features:

  • Auto email generation - using OpenAI’s GPT-3.5, powerful AI language model (the same model that’s used for ChatGPT)
  • Personalized, appropriate emails - input details about yourself, your recipient and the topic you’re discussing, so the email is clear and on target
  • Email reply generator - uses the context of the email thread to generate an appropriate response
  • Style and tone selector - create emails that are appropriate and sound like you
  • Translate feature - create emails in a language you understand and then have it translated, so your recipient understands
  • Edit feature - tweak the generated draft to your liking, so that the end result is perfect
  • Regenerate feature - hit regenerate to get as many variations of the email as you like.
  • Improve feature(coming soon) - get a better version of an email you wrote, with improved vocabulary, sentence structure and clarity.
  • Mobile optimized - works great on mobile devices to use anywhere, anytime
  • Multi-Language - works in most languages so you can generate emails in the language you’re most comfortable with

Use Hiwriter GPT for Gmail™ for all your business and personal emails, in your preferred language, and never write an email again.

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